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How do I navigate slack and all the channels?

Once you join slack, you will be added to six channels. The purpose of each channel is listed below:

Main Channels
#announcements: to relay any important organization-wide info
#introductions: for new tutors to introduce themselves to the rest of Schoolhouse
Support Channels
#shoutouts: to celebrate your fellow tutors
#shw-volunteer-opportunities: for the announcement of specialized volunteer positions at Schoolhouse
#tutoring-support: to share concerns and get support & tips from other tutors
#tutor-development: to provide resources and workshops to grow your skills as a tutor

Once you schedule a bootcamp, you will also be added to two more channels specific to that SAT:

SAT-Specific Channels
#sat-bootcamps: to provide SAT-specific updates and provide a space for you to ask any SAT Bootcamp questions
#[month]-sat-announcements: to relay important SAT info and reminders regarding trainings and bootcamps

Please also feel free to browse and join other public channels by clicking on the “Add channels” button on Slack!

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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