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How do I respond to a session request?

Find a request in a course you might be comfortable teaching in. Tip: filter for just open requests using the filter in the top right.

Read the learner’s request details to understand what they need help with and when.

Check the “Availability” tab to see if there are sessions that already exist in this topic that you can recommend to the learner, that might fit into their schedule.
If the learner has set their availability, you will see it there in grey. Otherwise, you can check the learner’s timezone through the bar in the left.

If a session exists, respond to the learner with a friendly message, and share the link to the session. Here’s an example:
“Hi Amara, it looks like there’s a session this Thursday that might fit what you’re looking for: <insert link>. Does that work for you?”

If no sessions exist that might meet the learner’s needs, suggest a time that you think might work for both you and the learner to schedule a new session. Here’s an example:
“Hey Jasper, I’m happy to create a session on that topic! Would this Friday at 5pm PT work for you?”
The learner won’t know about the session unless you tell them, so make sure to link them to the session you created

Updated on: 21/08/2022

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