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What are the Khan Academy Algebra 2 Bootcamps?

The Khan Academy Algebra 2 Bootcamps are a new Schoolhouse program designed to help learners achieve mastery in a full unit of Algebra 2, for students who are either struggling with the subject or want to get ahead. Use this link to sign up for a bootcamp. See more details here.
We plan to start with 3 units of Algebra 2 (e.g., Polynomial Arithmetic, Logarithms, Trigonometry)
We will follow a similar structure to other bootcamps on 3 weeks, 2 sessions per week, 90 minutes per session
This iteration of the program will run from March 15th to April 4th with learner registrations due Thursday, March 14th
We are only offering Algebra 2 at the moment but hope to expand to other subjects in the future

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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