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What bootcamp details should I know before signing up?

Structure: Online peer tutor teaches at most 10 learners in a series for SAT Math and/or Reading
Duration: Approximately four weeks before the scheduled SAT (e.g., Sept. 3 to 30 for the October 1st SAT). The sessions will take place twice a week and will take 75 minutes per session.
Date & Time: Tutors and learners will choose the dates & times of the sessions that fit their schedule the best.
Content: The tutors will lead these sessions (following a designed curriculum), completing activities that include administering SAT practice tests, reviewing challenging questions, and teaching key concepts for the learners in their sessions.
Onboarding and training: In advance of the SAT tutoring, tutors will complete a few hours of training and tutoring practice to be best prepared to support our learners.
Registration confirmation: Once you complete consent & assent AND register for a bootcamp series, you will be sent a registration confirmation email. Be sure you receive that. In the event, you did not receive an email confirming your bootcamp registration, that likely means you did not properly register for a series. If you're having trouble, contact our user support volunteer team via Chat.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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