Ensuring Inclusive Sessions

To ensure inclusive sessions, we do not permit 1:1 series/sessions at this time. While tutors should feel empowered to address the individual needs and questions of a single learner during a session, it’s against community guidelines to discourage other learners from joining.

But what if a learner wants a tailored session?

Tutors can absolutely structure their session to focus on the specific needs and questions of individual learners during sessions. This personalized attention can enhance the learning experience and helps learners grasp concepts more effectively. However, it is crucial to maintain an inclusive atmosphere, and let everyone know what you’ll be covering in your session description so others can join if they have similar needs.

Tutors should avoid session descriptions, actions or statements that might discourage other learners from participating or seeking assistance!

Why is this policy in place?

Sessions (even those focused on one learner’s questions) can provide unique insights and solutions that can be valuable to other learners who struggle with the same thing. By allowing others to observe or learn from these sessions, we promote a collaborative learning environment.
Sessions with more than two individuals are a safer way to interact in a virtual environment, as there is more accountability in a group.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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