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How can I become a tutor?

To start your journey towards becoming a tutor, please navigate to the specific subworld you are interested in tutoring. Once you're there, look for the "My Journey" tab. This tab will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to progress from a learner to a tutor.

The journey to becoming a tutor in Schoolhouse begins by joining as a Learner. This allows you to engage with the community, learn from others, and develop your knowledge and skills. As you actively participate and contribute valuable content, you'll have the opportunity to receive your Contributor badge. This badge signifies your expertise and dedication to sharing knowledge with others.

Once you have obtained your contributor badge, you'll be on your way to becoming a Tutor within the subworld.

Things to keep in mind:

Get trained to tutor: Once your application is approved, complete a set of trainings (on your own time!) that will prepare you to lead a safe, successful first session.

Join the community: As you get ready to host your first session, you’ll join our vibrant Slack community of tutors and connect with a peer tutor who’s here to help you get acquainted to Schoolhouse. They’ll guide you through the process and give you publishing privileges for your first session.

Receive ongoing support: As you continue to host sessions, you’ll receive continuous support from our community of tutors and mentors who are here to answer your questions, share tips and techniques, and support you to be the best tutor you can be.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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