What's a highly engaging session?

At Schoolhouse, it's important that every session actively engages learners in some meaningful way—this helps maximize their absorption of material and allows for personalization to their specific needs, helping learners get value that a youtube lecture or asynchronous online course couldn't already provide.

To estimate how engaging a session is, we look at the ratio of how much learners are talking in a session, vs the tutor. We currently define a highly engaging session as one where at least 10% of the talking time comes from learners.

What about learners who engage in the chat, or other types of sessions?

We know some learners only want to participate in the chat, or don't want to participate at all. Unfortunately, this makes measuring a tutor's engagement skills a lot more complex! To capture this nuance and others, we plan to continue to improve metric over time. If you're a tutor at Schoolhouse and you're interested in sharing ideas to improve this metric, please join #tutoring-quality-metric-research in our community Slack!

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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