How to Report Tech Issues: the 5-minute Rule

⏰ How to Report Tech Issues: the 5-minute Rule

Schoolhouse is serving more people than ever before, which means we’re seeing more issues reported than before!

The next couple months will see a greater focus on reinforcing Schoolhouse’s user support and user trust processes. If you haven’t yet, be sure to give your fellow tutors who volunteer to answer questions on the support team a virtual high-five! They’re doing a ton to help learners and parents navigate Schoolhouse.

The following is a refresher on how best to report issues, but we hope to improve this in the coming months.

How to Report Issues

✅ Remember the 5 minute rule: if it can wait more than 5 minutes, please share your issue or feedback to!
⏰ If you cannot conduct what you need to in the next 5 mins (meaning you are blocked!), please report your issue to our help desk by writing to [email protected].

Updated on: 27/11/2022

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