Once my session has started, how do I admit learners to my room?

Click “Open Your Room” on the Live Help page– this will start your Zoom session and open the “Live Help Tutor Portal”

Return to the Tutor Portal and click the “Admit a Learner” button to begin the matching process with a learner.

Once a learner shows up in your Tutor Portal, you can see any details they wrote about the question or topic they need help with. You should click “Accept” to let them into your Zoom room, or “Reject” to return them to the queue if you don’t think you can help with their question.

After hitting Accept, the learner will be able to enter your Zoom room and you should admit them from the Zoom waiting room as soon as they enter.

After you’ve helped a learner in Zoom, return to the Tutor Portal and either mark them as “Helped” or “Unable to Help”

Click “Admit a Learner” again to get matched with another learner.

You can watch a more comprehensive video tutorial here.

Updated on: 14/08/2022

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