Self-Promotion at Schoolhouse

At Schoolhouse, our priority is to foster a supportive learning environment for our community members. Subworld discussion boards play a crucial role in connecting learners seeking help with tutors available to provide support. To maintain the effectiveness of these posts, it is essential to prevent self-promotional posts so that they do not overshadowing learner support requests.

Why isn't self-promotion allowed?

The primary purpose of subworld discussion boards is to facilitate learner support.
Self-promotion posts have the potential to drown out genuine help requests.
Excessive promotional content may deter learners from actively participating in the community and hinder the collaborative learning experience?

What if I think my post could be valuable to the learning community?

If you believe that your content adds value to the community, reach out to a moderator of the Subworld in question! They’ll be able to guide you on whether this content aligns with the community’s objectives and does not detract from the primary focus on learner support.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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