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What are three forms of peer tutoring?

Three formal examples include:

Cross-age tutoring: in which an older learner tutors younger tutee(s).
Reciprocal tutoring: where two or more students alternate between acting as the tutor and tutee in each session.
Same-age tutoring: where peers within one or two years of age are paired to review key concepts, and may also alternate tutor and tutee roles (Source).

With a wide range of tutors from all different backgrounds on Schoolhouse, we experiment with a wide variety of different peer tutoring styles that may borrow elements from these three forms. We celebrate the diversity of our tutors, who range from 13-year-olds to retired college professors! We also embrace being life-long learners; many of our tutors also join sessions to learn, and our goal is to help learners build the confidence to be tutors themselves.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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