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What counts towards volunteering hours?

We track your volunteer hours under two categories, Automatically tracked activities and Manually tracked activities.

For reference, please see our Volunteer Hour Tracking Guidelines.

Automatically Tracked Activities Include:
Hosting a sessions (must have learners in order for the volunteering hours to count)
Completing required or assigned tutor trainings
Attending a New Tutor Onboarding Session
Peer reviewing a session
Attending an SAT Bootcamp Onboarding session

Manually Tracked Activities Include:
Preparing for a session/series (you can log 45 minutes maximum for session prep but there are specific activities that are okay to track and not okay to track; activities acceptable/not acceptable listed below).
Volunteer team activities & meetings (ask your co-leads about which activities count towards volunteering hours)
Okay to track:
Creating/editing slideshows
Creating practice problems
Creating interactives (Kahoot, Quizlet, etc.)
Annotating a practice test your learners will take
Not okay to track:
Reviewing a topic for a session
Figuring out tech/Zoom setup

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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