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What does it mean to be a Drop-In Learner?

What is a Drop-In Session?
If you experience a tutor no-show or cancellation for your regular Bootcamp series, we first want to say that we’re sorry that this happened! You will receive an email with directions on how to sign up for a one-time makeup session with another tutor; you will be joining a session of a different tutor’s regular ongoing Bootcamp series. This is called a Drop-In session.

What curriculum will be covered in a Drop-in Session?
This makeup session will cover the same curriculum content that was scheduled for the missed day of your regular series, and the makeup tutor will do their best to answer your questions and create a welcoming environment for you. However, please be aware that the makeup tutor will not be able to view your practice test results so this session will be less individualized than your regular Bootcamp series.

What is the appropriate etiquette of joining a Drop-In Session?
When you join a session as a Drop-In Learner, we ask that you are respectful of existing group dynamics. At the end of the session, you can thank the tutor and learners for letting you join, and then plan to return to your regular Bootcamp series for all future sessions.

How do I take a practice test during a Drop-In Session?
Go to your "Schedule" page. You can find this by navigating to the correct icon in the left sidebar.
Click on the Drop-In session and then scroll down to the assessments section to find the correct practice test.

The session my tutor originally rescheduled is still showing on my schedule. What should I do?
If your tutor rescheduled a session to a time that you cannot make, please submit an excused absence for that rescheduled time.

Want to share feedback on this system?
If you have feedback on the makeup session/drop-in learner system, please submit it via this Google form. If your tutor repeatedly no-shows, then we recommend signing up for another series at this link.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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