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What if I don’t have a webcam or am unable to use the certification recording system?

If your computer does not have a webcam or you are unable to use our certification recording system, you can do one of two options:

You can create a Zoom meeting and record yourself completing the certification (with your full screen shared and camera on). Then, you can send the Zoom recording to [email protected] by uploading it or using Google Drive so we can process it.

Use two different devices. Use one device to film yourself while completing the certification test and the other to film the certification test (you can screen record your computer screen if possible). Send both video files to [email protected] and an engineer will be able to help you manually submit your certifications.

Please note that our current certification system only supports computers/laptops at this time

For more information about certifications, please check out our other Help Desk articles.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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