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What types of conversations are appropriate at Schoolhouse?

Schoolhouse is a non-profit platform that aims to connect the world through learning, and to do this in a safe and inclusive way. We are not a social media platform, where you may connect with people privately to form purely social connections. This is why Schoolhouse moderates all messages, DMs and sessions—we want to keep learning at the center of the connections we build, and we want to ensure that Schoolhouse is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to learn.

Here are some topics that you are welcome to discuss on the Schoolhouse platform:
Academic topics and discussions
Extracurriculars you're learning how to do, such as art, cooking, music, etc
Tutoring tips and strategies
Checking in on how everyone is doing as a warm-up for learning

Here are some examples of things that are not appropriate to discuss on the platform, which may get flagged by our safety system:
Personal life and relationships
Mental health
Sharing personal information or social media

Note: if you are chatting with a friend that you met outside of the Schoolhouse platform, such as in real life or through a Schoolhouse volunteer team, it is still important to adhere to these guidelines while using the Schoolhouse platform.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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