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What am I required to do while hosting sessions?

It's great to see you here, looking on how to host your session! You should ensure the following:

Sessions need to be appropriate for kids as young as age 13: This means no profanity, nudity, violence, etc.
Tutors must host sessions that are respectful and professional: Tutors should be aware of the potential for a power imbalance between themselves and learners, and ensure that their teaching methods do not harass, intimidate, tease, or give undue attention to a learner.
Sessions should be placed in the appropriate topic on the website: If no appropriate topic exists, then the session should not be hosted.
Example: A tutor cannot teach an entire session on basic arithmetic specifically intended for elementary school students, as the math topics on begin with pre-algebra and up. Given that the website is for learners ages 13 and up, no session can specifically target children under 13.
Sessions must be intended for an English-speaking audience: Schoolhouse is global and proudly used by learners from 100+ countries. However, at the moment and at our current size, we only support the English language.
Sessions must follow our Session Content Policy: The Session Content Policy can be found here.
Report any inappropriate behaviour: You can file a safety report here or email [email protected].

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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