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What are session requests?

Session requests provide learners the ability to request that a session on a topic/concept of their choice be hosted. Accordingly, they allow tutors to connect with learners and help them find a session that meets their needs.

How they work:

A learner makes a request, describing what they need help with.
The learner’s request gets added to the session requests page, which tutors can filter by course and status.
A tutor claims the request by responding to the learner in the chat. If the learner has already set their availability, the tutor can see the availability and view existing sessions in the topic that the learner requested.
The tutor helps find a relevant session and shares the session link. The tutor could do this by finding an existing session, or by creating a new session that meets the learner’s needs.
The tutor closes the request. Woo!

Session requests are categorized by status:

Not Yet Answered means that no tutor has responded this session request yet. These are especially good ones to address!
In Progress means that some tutor has already initiated conversation with the learner who made this request, but the request has not been resolved yet.
Closed means that some tutor has already resolved the session request, after helping the learner by creating a new session or letting them know about an existing session.

Updated on: 21/08/2022

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