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Where do I find Live Help, Session Requests, or the Community Forum on the new platform?

When the subworlds redesign of the Schoolhouse platform launched in June 2023, three features of the old platform were shut down. These features have close equivalents in subworlds — hopefully improvements over the old system — and so we wrote up this guide to walk you through these transitions.

Live Help

Live Help is no longer scheduled for a few hours each day. Now, In Help channels within a subworld, members can post a question and receive help through Zoom or written responses.
Video transition guide

Session Requests

In Help channels, learners can request to review or learn certain topics. Tutors can respond to these requests and schedule small-group sessions.
Video transition guide

Community Forum

Each subworld itself is a community where you can engage in discussions in Discussion channels, give and receive help in Help channels, and welcome new members in Introduction channels.
Video transition guide

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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