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What are Schoolhouse's community values?

🏔️ Think big, start small

You don't need to make something perfect the first time you try. Instead, you iterate and learn from experience.
You act with the bigger picture in mind, pioneering a new way forward in education.
You are not bound by what is. You can see the world for what it could be.

👟 Step in

You seek seek ownership over the work that you do.
You contribute to areas outside your defined role.
You have a bias towards action. When you see a problem, you seek to be part of the solution.

🏆 Uplift each other

You see others as worthy of your time.
You actively make spaces inclusive and equitable.
You support and advocate for those without a voice.

📚 Always be a learner

You see each mistake for what it can teach to you.
You work through difficult situations and find opportunities to expand your skills.
You have the humility to receive feedback and see it as an opportunity to grow.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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