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How do I change my Schoolhouse email?

From any page on Schoolhouse, select your profile picture (bottom left on computer, bottom right on mobile).

Select "My Profile" (the first option).

Select "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner.

The third option will allow you to change your Schoolhouse email.

If you are unable to change your email because you are not receiving the verification, check that the message is not going to Spam or Junk, and also ensure that you do not have your unsubscribe preferences set to "unsubscribe all." You can verify this by entering any email you have received from Schoolhouse, and selecting "unsubscribe preferences," which will be written at the very bottom of the email. Additionally, you may not be able to change your email if you initially signed up with Google, in which case it may be better to log out and sign up again with the new email.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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