Your Schoolhouse Journey

Here at Schoolhouse, everyone is a learner—including our tutors! As a tutor, you'll build teaching and communication skills, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, problem-solving skills, and more.

Your Schoolhouse Journey helps track the skills you've built and privileges you've unlocked with any given subworld. As you unlock new steps in the journey, your progress will also be tracked in your Schoolhouse portfolio. Here's a quick summary of the levels in the journey!

Learner: Learn with other students from around the world by posting questions and discussions, attending sessions, and providing chat-based help to other learners.
Tutor: Pay it forward by tutoring what you've learned and earning volunteer hours for your efforts.
Senior Tutor: Gain recognition as a top tutor in the subworld, and gain access to special opportunities.
Coach: Shape the future of the subworld by coaching tutors and peer reviewers, and collaborating with others to improve tutoring quality across your subworld.

To see your personal journey within a subworld, just click on the "My Journey" tab on the left panel.


What happened to the 'Contributor' role?
We retired the Contributor role, so if you were a Contributor before you'll now be at the learner level. However, we've updated our learner level so you can ask up to 5 questions per week in help channels! As a former Contributor, you're also one step closer to becoming a Tutor in the subworld, at which point you can post unlimited questions.

What happened to the 'Moderator' role?
We still have Moderators, like before! They no longer show on the journey, but you can still apply for the role and it will still show up as a badge on your profile and portfolio.

What's considered an 'engaging session' when qualifying for the Senior Tutor role?
Please see this FAQ for non-SAT bootcamp sessions, or this FAQ to learn how we track things within the SAT bootcamp context.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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