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What is a Schoolhouse Portfolio? How can it boost my college applications?

As you continue your journey on Schoolhouse, you build a Portfolio that showcases both your certifications as well as your contributions as a volunteer tutor. This portfolio is accepted by Schoolhouse's 18 College Partners as a meaningful credential in official colleges applications - learn more about these partners by reading below.

Your portfolio can be found at any time on by selecting your profile, found on the bottom left corner on a computer or tablet, bottom right on mobile, then selecting "My Portfolio."

What can I do with my portfolio?

We hope that your portfolio is something you're proud of—that it showcases not only your mastery of math / science content, but also your incredible work as a volunteer. We encourage you to send your certifications to employers, colleges, scholarship applications, and more!

In particular, Schoolhouse has partnered with the following universities, who have all voiced their support for the Schoolhouse Portfolio: Brown, Caltech, Case Western, Colby, Columbia, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Maryland, MIT, Northwestern, Ohio State, UChicago, USC, Vanderbilt, WashU, Wisconsin, and Yale. Of course, we encourage you to send your Schoolhouse Portfolio to any school, even if it isn't listed here!

Schoolhouse's College Partners

How can I submit my portfolio to Schoolhouse's College Partners?

See below for more detailed information about our college partners, and how you can send them your portfolio:


You can submit your portfolio as an external document via email to [email protected]. Make sure to email your portfolio as a PDF document and include your full name and applicant ID in the email. Learn more


You can upload Schoolhouse certifications in calculus, chemistry, and physics to satisfy Caltech's application requirements in these subjects. Learn more | How to submit

Case Western

You can upload your portfolio on your applicant portal. Learn More


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio to your Colby applicant portal after your application has been submitted. Learn more


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio through your Columbia application status portal using the Update Application form. Learn more

Florida State

You can send a PDF copy of your Schoolhouse Portfolio to [email protected] with the subject line, " Portfolio". Learn more

Georgia Tech

There is no specific place for Schoolhouse on the application, but we encourage you to submit your portfolio under "Additional Information." In particular, Georgia Tech is looking for Calculus certifications, especially for home school and international students


Applicants participating in the STARS program (see below) are welcome to submit a PDF of the Schoolhouse portfolio as an optional supplement to their application via their Admissions Profile in MyUI. Non-STARS students can upload a PDF of your portfolio in the additional information section during the application process where it will likely be used as a talking point in conversations with Academic Advisors. Learn more


MIT has a special place on their application to link your Schoolhouse Portfolio. Learn More | Blog Post


You can upload your portfolio as a PDF through Northwestern's applicant portal. It will be listed in a dropdown menu as " Portfolio" and can then be attached to your application.


You can upload your portfolio on the UChicago Account portal. In particular, UChicago is looking for certifications in Calculus and Statistics. Learn More | Press Release!

University of Southern California

You can upload a PDF of your portfolio on your USC applicant portal using the "Schoolhouse Certification Portfolio" option on the document menu.


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio through MyAppVU, Vanderbilt's application management portal. Learn More


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio on your WashU Pathway. Learn More


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio with other supplementary materials while completing your Wisconsin application.


You can upload a PDF of your portfolio through your Yale Admissions Status Portal using the Update Application form. Learn More

STARS College Network

Several of our college partners come from our partnership with the STARS College Network, an initiative preparing small town and rural students for college-level mathematics courses by certifying them in Schoolhouse's math subjects.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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