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How do I qualify to become an SAT Bootcamp Senior Tutor?

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Senior Tutor! By becoming a Senior Tutor, you can expand your impact by sharing what you’ve learned about tutoring with the community. Your main responsibilities will include leading SAT Bootcamp onboarding sessions, completing peer reviews of SAT Bootcamp sessions, and answering questions from new tutors.

What does "highly engaging Bootcamp" mean?
You are eligible to become an SAT Bootcamp Senior Tutor when you have led at least one highly engaging Bootcamp. Currently, "highly engaging" is defined as leading a Bootcamp with 7+ sessions, <90% average tutor talk time, and a high average learner satisfaction rating.

How do I meet the "Host an SAT Bootcamp Onboarding Session" requirement?
Once you have hosted a highly engaging Bootcamp, you are eligible to host Onboarding Sessions for new tutors! Complete the training on leading Onboarding Sessions and host your first Onboarding Session! The window for publishing onboarding sessions opens three weeks before the start of each Bootcamp; you will receive automated messages letting you know when the publishing window is open.

How do I meet the "intermediate-level peer reviewer" requirement?
You can learn more about the Peer Reviewer growth path here.

I don't understand why my Bootcamp didn't qualify as "highly-engaging." Can you please review my Bootcamp?
If you believe that you led a highly engaging Bootcamp, but it did not automatically qualify, please submit this Google form. We will review the information you provide in the form and consider making an exception.

Wondering what happened to the previous "SAT Guide" role?
As part of overall changes to the tutor journey, the Guide role has turned into a “Senior Tutor” role that is no longer application-based; instead tutors will be able to level up to this role (similar to other roles on the growth journey). All previous Guides automatically qualify as Senior Tutors.

Want to know more about the Tutor Journey?
Check out this FAQ.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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