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What if I have no one sign up / show up for my bootcamp?

If your bootcamp has no one registered by the day it starts, we encourage you to do one of the following:
Consider changing your timings: Perhaps the timings of your bootcamp don’t work for learners. Check the bootcamp pages (math, reading) to see what times generally work!
Host Live Help: We also encourage that you host Live Help to help learners review practice tests and go over difficult problems in a 1:1 setting outside of bootcamps!

If learners signed up for your bootcamp and no one shows up:
Bump the Group Chat: We encourage you to engage with learners in your bootcamp group chat and check why people aren’t attending.
Host Live Help: If you have two sessions in a row with no attendance, then we encourage you to host Live Help instead.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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