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What if I have no one sign up / show up for my bootcamp?

If your bootcamp has no one registered by the day it starts, we encourage you to do one of the following:
Consider changing your timings: Perhaps the timings of your bootcamp don’t work for learners. Check the other bootcamps at this link to see what times generally work!
End Series: If you are unable to change the timings and wish to cancel your Bootcamp, you should navigate to the Series page for your Bootcamp, click "Edit Series" and then "End Series Early."
Host SAT Prep: We also encourage that you host sessions and help learners in the SAT Prep Subworld!

If learners signed up for your bootcamp and no one shows up:
Bump the Group Chat: First, send a message in the 'group chat' to remind your learners about the session.
Keep Zoom room open: Wait in the Zoom room for 15 minutes in case learners are just running late.
After 15 minutes: If no one shows up for the session after 15 minutes, you can close the session. Then, be sure to send your learners the Session Makeup Guide in the group chat.

Host SAT Prep: If you have two sessions in a row with no attendance, then we encourage you to end your series early (follow guidance in Step 2 above) and tutor in SAT Prep instead.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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