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Can I change my SAT session timings after the series has begun?

No, since rescheduling has an incredibly negative effect on learner attendance we highly recommend that you don't reschedule your SAT Bootcamp sessions at all.

However, if you have an immovable scheduling conflict or extenuating circumstance, we recommend that you:
Open your learner group chat on your bootcamp homepage and let your learners know of the situation 24 hours in advance (you'll get a reminder text at this time too)
Ask what times work for a rescheduled session and find the best possible timing change that can work for your learners and you
Reschedule your session by clicking the “Edit Series” button on your bootcamp homepage
Share the Session Makeup Guide in the group chat for learners who can not attend the rescheduled time

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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