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What are the terms and conditions of certification applications?

Section 1: Prohibited Items for Recording

These items may not be in the room while recording:

Any electronics besides your computer/recording device
Sunglasses, or anything that unnecessarily covers the face (religious head covers are permitted)
You may only use a calculator when explicitly permitted in the test question. If the question requires a graphing calculator and you do not have one, Desmos can be used instead.

Section 2: Procedure While Recording

Please record your whole screen.
You may only have the following tabs open:, Khan Academy, and Desmos (only for use when a question allows a graphing calculator). All other tabs are prohibited.
You may not have any other applications open except your internet browser. If you want to show your work on the screen, please use Khan Academy's built-in drawing/annotation tool.
The recording must be one continuous video. Our recording system does not allow for pausing and resuming the video.
Your camera must be on and show your whole face at all times during the recording.
Your microphone must be on during the whole video.
If we are aware of another device being in the room while recording, your video will be disqualified.

Section 3: Repercussions

If we detect suspicious activity, our Certification team will conduct an investigation and decide on the appropriate action from the following possibilities:
Rejection of video with the opportunity to resubmit
Live questioning to validate the applicants content knowledge.
Blocklisting from our system, along with invalidation of all certifications earned. Blocklisting incidents will be reported to organizations which inquire about your score. reserves the right to invalidate a student’s certification if proof of cheating is uncovered at any time.

Section 4: Privacy

View our privacy policy here.

Please contact us if you have any concerns at [email protected].

Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in being blocklisted from the platform. The consequences of attempting to cheat on a certification are serious and irreversible.

Updated on: 07/07/2024

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