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How do I navigate the SAT Bootcamp Subworld?

Once you join the SAT Bootcamp Subworld, you will be see a side bar with a number of tabs. The purpose of each tabs is listed below:

Home: highlights the most important subworld activities including key to-dos, upcoming bootcamps, and channel mentions
Sessions: where learners can explore all upcoming SAT Bootcamps
All Posts: a summary of all recent channel activity
Discussion: for learners to engage in discussions and ask non-content questions
Tutors: for tutors to ask questions about tutoring best practice or logistics
SAT Math or R&W Help: this channel will unlock once you publish your SAT Bootcamp and is where learners can ask extra SAT questions they didn't get to during their bootcamp
My Journey: provides an overview of the to-dos you need to complete to become a tutor and beyond! Make sure to achieve tutor status and publish your bootcamp before the publishing deadline
Leaderboard: an overview of who has been most active in the Subworld!

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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