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What should I do if I forgot to prepare for Targeted Group Practice in advance of the session?

Please do your very best to remember that you will need to spend 15-30 minutes preparing for each session. If you do not prepare the Targeted Group Practice section for your lessons, the learner experience will be negatively impacted.

However, if extenuating circumstances arose, and you were not able to prepare in advance of the lesson, please do the following:
Identify the Domain focus for the day on the Curriculum landing page.
Get guidance on the specific Khan Academy links to review with your learners through the “Assessments” tab on the Schoolhouse platform.
Click “Review Topics” at the top of the "Assessments" page.
Set the "Domain" filter to the correct domain.
Identify “Highly Suggested” Skills for your learners under that Domain.
By clicking into the Skill, you will see a specific Khan Academy link to review.
Share your screen as you walk through the Khan Academy link, reviewing the concept, and walking through the Khan Academy practice problems, using Active Learning Best Practices.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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