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What does it mean to have a Drop-In Learner?

What is a Drop-In Learner?
A Drop-In Learner is a learner who has signed up for a makeup session with you because their regular tutor canceled/no-showed for a session. They will be joining a one-time session of your regular ongoing Bootcamp series. You will see "Drop-In Learner" at the end of their Zoom name. Please welcome in this learner and introduce them to your other learners! You will not be able to view the practice test results for drop-in learners, but please do your best to create as helpful of a learning environment as possible for them.

To guide Drop-In Learners on how to find practice tests:
Instruct them to navigate to their "Schedule" page. They can find this by navigating to the correct icon in the left sidebar.
Tell them to click on the Drop-In session and then scroll down to the assessments section to find the correct practice test.
Note: You will not be able to view the practice test results for Drop-In learners, but you can let the learner know that their regular tutor will have access to these results.

If none of your regular learners show for your session and you only have a Drop-In Learner:
We're sorry if this happens, but ultimately, the goal is to create as positive of a learning environment as possible for all learners at Schoolhouse! Therefore, we encourage you to still lead the session for the Drop-In Learner. You can use the curriculum slides you had originally prepared for your learners and then take questions from the Drop-In learner. We appreciate you stepping in and demonstrating grace and flexibility!

You can also refer learners to this Learner FAQ for more information about the Drop-In system.

Want to share feedback on this system?
If you have feedback on the makeup session/drop-in learner system, please submit it via this Google form.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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