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How can I find live help? What happened to live help?

What happened?

We've noticed that a lot of you were concerned about the restrictive nature of the old live help format. It was only for three hours on weekdays, and we were at a loss for tutors who were available during that time. With the brand-new Subworlds Update, we've decided to revamp the process!

Where can I find it?

Instead of the live help page, every subworld has a forum capability. We've got discussion, tutor coordination, and most importantly for live help, the help channel! At any time of day, you can request help in any subject, and our certified tutors will be able to help you as soon as they can. If you'd like live zoom help, you can select the option when asking a question! Any time, any subject, we're ready. Let's go!

If you'd like to learn more about other pieces of our update, please visit this page.

Updated on: 16/07/2023

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