How does mentioning someone work?

What are mentions?
Mentioning someone means you write "@" followed by a name to notify someone about a specific post. For now, you can only search by first name. Clicking on the mention will take you to that person's profile in a new tab.

What happens when I mention someone?
The person will receive a notification, similarly to when you respond to their post or give feedback. Clicking on the notification will take them to the post.

When should I mention someone?
Mentioning someone will alert them to the post and responses. You may want to mention a moderator if there is questionable content, mention a tutor if they are hosting a session that might answer a learner's question, or mention a learner if a different post answers their question.

You do not need to mention someone if they created or replied to the post, because they will receive notifications for new replies. You can still mention them if you want to make it clear who you are replying to, or you do not receive a response after a few days.

Can I un-mention someone?
No. Since the notification is sent as soon as the mention is made, un-mentioning someone by editing the post will not retract the notification. Additionally, editing a post to mention someone new will not work, as the mention menu will not appear in "post editing" mode.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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