What subworlds will be created next?

Our whole community will work together to decide what subworlds to create! You can share your thoughts and ideas for new subworlds here.

Here's some more information on how we actually decide what subworlds to create.

What's required to create a subworld?

Scoping - A clear statement of what types of learning belong in this subworld, and what types don’t.
Community Input - Clear indication from the broader Schoolhouse community that this is a subworld they care about.
Roadmap Alignment - All major stakeholders (volunteers, product team, partners) feel that this subworld is high priority, based on the goals in our current roadmap.
Moderators - We have at least two awesome mods who are ready to take on the challenge of seeding the subworld.
Tutors - At least 50 tutors who are qualified to teach the topic.
Learners - At least 200 learners who are genuinely interested in the topic.

When will we launch our next subworld?

Every summer (typically around May) and every winter (around November), we'll review the community feedback together to decide on 1-3 new subworlds to create.
We may add a subworld in between these 6-month periods, once in a while, if a special circumstance arises!

How do we prioritize what subworlds to create first?

We'll prioritize subworlds where we can answer yes to the following questions:
Right now, our community is primarily made up of English-speaking high school students taking the SAT. Does this subworld deepen the impact we can have on these students?
Do we have partners who can help us drive this subworld to success?
Is there significant demonstrated interest from across the community in having this subworld?

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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