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Why does Schoolhouse limit how many times I can post?

Schoolhouse is a peer-to-peer learning community, so all tutors are volunteers. To keep the community alive and free for everyone, we encourage everyone to lend a helping hand in topics that they've already mastered. For this reason, we have a limit on how many times you can post, and we increase that limit as you contribute more to the Schoolhouse community.

How do I remove the post limit?

To increase the number of posts you can create, we ask that you find any subworld that you feel confident in, and become a contributor or a tutor. The post limit applies across all subworlds. For example, if you become a contributor in the Pre-Algebra Subworld, then you'll have a more lenient post limit in the Calculus and Chemistry Subworlds. If you become a tutor, then you'll have no post limit.

How do I become a contributor or tutor?

You can join the Subworld you're interested in, find the navigation item called "Your Journey", and view the steps required to become a contributor or tutor.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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